It started as an institution of HTKM (Hidropar Hareket Kontrol Teknolojileri Merkezi A.Ş) to meet the needs of the customers during the installation, service and maintenance processes.

It had the opportunity to meet its infrastructure and equipment requirements through its experiment from HTKM and the projects carried out by expert teams.

Since it is an institution of HTKM, it completed remarkable jobs during the Service, Urgent and Planned Maintenance processes and by now it is known as a strong Service firm.

We provide maintenance services to all industrial companies from all sectors, mainly on heavy industry, mechanics, electric and automation. We provide support for TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) processes of enterprises and take over their maintenance management by making maintenance agreements. Equipment installations as well as pipe manufacturing and installation of hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, water circuits are carried out as turnkey. We provide necessary periodical maintenance and troubleshooting works in industrial areas. Using fast and certified products, we provide services on-site with our service vehicle and perform pipe, hose and fittings replacement.

We provide services with our experienced team trained and educated in-house. Using engineering optimization under a single roof, we provide all maintenance services of the country industry required for sustainable manufacturing. Our goal for the future is to provide innovative solutions to various sectors by utilizing our unique software systems, and to be one of the leading companies within its sector on the corporate inspection of maintenance and service processes.

Our company performs its customer-oriented works with its 24/7 service, quality workmanship and product warranty.



HKSM has always prioritized quality and customer satisfaction and has worked with certificated and high profile brands in every turnkey project, revision process, urgent and periodical maintenance.

All equipment and materials are certificated and continue to be used 24/7 by the experienced team in heavy industries such as Iron Steel Industry, White Appliances Industry, Mobile Industry, Ship Construction Industry.

Critical equipment;

EMB FS93 ; It offers fast and effective solution in manufacturing and installation of pipes without welding.

Gates Hose Crimper ; It performs crimping in Turkey in the same way and quality as the United States.

Flushing Units ; Flushing services are provided by flushing units and our expert team; online or by getting reports under laboratory conditions.

Welding ; pipe coupling are performed as TIG welding by our experienced argon welders and welding machines. 100% RT and UT reports are provided.


We work hard for your satisfaction.

As HKSM, we have always worked to provide an attitude that meets your needs and expectations during all processes.

And thanks to ERP and CRM software systems, we can answer your requests even faster now.

We increased the total efficiency and quality to deal less with the problems within the company, and serve our customers more.

We evaluated the routine and requirements of our customers and now we have the ability to provide you with an improved service.

We continue to work tirelessly to meet your every demand and improve the quality of our service.


HKSM aims to provide a transparent workplace that supports team spirit, allows self-improvement, where the aims of the company are adopted at every levels and thought can be shared freely.

With its wide field of activities, it offers its employees a special career opportunity in the engineering industry. Dedication to the institution and active team work are some of our characteristics. While the qualities the employees carry enrich the institution in a different way, personal and corporate objectives are in harmony.

HKSM employs candidates that have strong human relations skills, are open-minded, focused on self-improvement and efficiency, competitive, and value team work in different positions.


We have started to manufacture hydraulic tanks.